Enhance your Beauty with Plastic Surgery. Bangkok offers the atmosphere for self rejuvenation.

About plastic surgery in bangkok

Enhance your Beauty with Plastic Surgery.  Bangkok offers the atmosphere for self rejuvenation.

There are many reasons people choose to undergo plastic surgery and there equally as many types of plastic surgery procedures.  Some individuals need to correct an ill formed chin and some individuals want to have a more pronounced derrière. There are patients who have balding issues and require hair transplants and there are individuals who have underdeveloped breasts and would like to correct the situation.

While an individual may believe the answer is plastic surgery, Bangkok physicians will consult with the individual to ensure that the individual has realistic expectations and knows what to expect before and after a procedure. 

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for plastic surgery is emotionally sound and clearly understands the benefits plastic surgery can and can not deliver.  This candidate has clear realistic goals and is not in search of unattainable miracles.  Most importantly, the ideal candidate comes to the decision to undergo plastic surgery for themselves-they are not trying to please anyone else. 

This person has a positive outlook on him or herself but has determined there is an area of his or her body that he or she would like to improve.  The area on the body could be a defect caused by birth, an issue caused by a traumatic event such as a dog bit on the chin, or simply an unbalanced area that is displeasing to the individual.


There are many plastic surgery procedures sometimes several for each part of the body.  Some popular procedures include:

  • Balding issues –For balding issues there are hair transplants. 
  • Face - For facial issues, there are cheek implants, chin implants, face lifts, and lip augmentation to name a few. 
  • Chest - For the chest area there are pectoral implants and breast augmentation. 
  • Stomach - For the stomach there is liposuction and gastroplasty
  • Posterior - For the posterior there is Gluteal augmentation and thighplasty.
  • Leg  – For a more shapely leg there are leg lifts and calf augmentation

 The list is quite extensive and even for the foot one can have a “foot lift”.

Recovery Period

The recovery period for plastic surgery varies from patient to patient and depends on the surgery or surgeries performed. Some procedures, such as chin augmentation, are very quick and the patient can return to normal activities within days.  Other procedures such as buttocks augmentation or liposuction are more involved and the patient requires extensive time to recover.   After a doctor has performed a plastic surgery, Bangkok physicians will provide the patient with an after surgery treatment plan.  This plan, which the patient must follow very carefully, will aid the patient in recovering efficiently and without complications.


As in any surgery, plastic surgery is not without risks. Plastic surgery presents the lowest risk of most surgeries; however no surgery is without risk. When undergoing plastic surgery, Bangkok physicians work with the patient to eliminate or minimize risks.  Some of the possible risks include for plastic surgery include: Infections, necrosis, asymmetry, slow healing, numbness or tingling, irregularities, puckers, dimples, divots, and Seroma.  Certain risks are specific to the type of surgery while other risks are general surgical risks.