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Balance your face with Nose Surgery. Bangkok physicians offer that balance.

The single most sought after cosmetic surgery is Rhinoplasty or nose surgery.  Bangkok surgeons have extensive experience performing this and many other cosmetic procedures.  The physicians will guide the individual in making the right choices.

The reasons an individual elects to have a Rhinoplasty procedure done can range from cosmetic purposes to medically necessary motives.  For some individuals, the nose is too big or too small, it is too wide or too narrow or it is simply not shaped quite right.  Other individuals may have structural imperfections that hinder breathing.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate’s nose is matured and has reached the full developmental stage.  That is, the nose is no longer growing.  For women, the nose is fully matured at about 14 or 15 years of age and men’s nose mature at a slightly older age.  As in all surgeries, the candidate must be in good health because poor health complicates the surgery.

Additionally, the individual must have realistic expectations and must be emotionally well balanced.  While nose surgery give an individual a more balanced looking appearance, a nose job will not turn the individual into someone else.  Prior to the performing a nose surgery, Bangkok physicians will discuss the expectations and the procedure with the candidate.

The Procedure

Typically, Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure and a general anesthesia is administered.  How the surgery is performed—whether opened or closed is dependent upon how the physician chooses to access the nasal interior.  While an open Rhinoplasty procedure may allow the physician more access to the nasal bone and the nose cartilage, the open Rhinoplasty typically causes more scarring than the closed procedure.  Conversely, the closed procedure produces less scarring because the incisions are placed inside the nose.

Recovery Period

The patient will be asked to remain in bed for the first full day after the nose surgery.  Bangkok physicians will also advise the patient to refrain from blowing the nose for approximately seven days after the surgery.  The patient can expect to see bruising and swelling should be resolved after a few weeks.  The patient will be advised to minimize swelling and bleeding by keeping his or her head elevated at least above heart level.

Additionally after a Rhinoplasty procedure, the patient can expect to experience some discomforts including headaches.  The physician will prescribe pain meds to combat the headaches.   It should be noted that there will be some swelling remaining for up to a year after the procedure. The physician will monitor this swelling to ensure the nose is healing as expected; the swelling is unnoticeable to onlookers.

The patient will be provided with after surgery instructions and it is extremely important that these instructions are followed to the letter.  The post surgery instructions will help the patient heal efficiently.


As with all surgeries, adverse response to anesthesia, hematoma, infections and bleeding pose a risk to nose surgery.  Bangkok physicians are well aware of the complications of nasal and other surgeries and work meticulously to ensure that risks are avoided whenever possible.

Risks specific to nose surgery include numbness, scarring, nose bleeds, swelling and permanent nerve damage.