Enhance your Beauty with Plastic Surgery. Bangkok offers the atmosphere for self rejuvenation.

neck lift In bangkok

After your Neck Lift, Bangkok provides refreshing activities as you recover.

The loose skin and sometimes excess fat around the neck is a telltale sign of aging.  To resolve this issue, some patients opt for a neck lift.  Bangkok offers the ideal place to receive your neck lift. While you recuperate from your neck rejuvenation you can enjoy the wonderful sites and culture of Bangkok.

Our physicians are highly trained and certified in the various forms of cosmetic surgery.  Not only are our physicians skilled in various procedures they are also sensitive to your concerns and will have an in-depth consultation with you to help you make the right decisions for your enhancement needs.    

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for a neck lift is healthy, has good bone structure and does not yet have jowls.  In any surgery it is good health is essential!  Because some illnesses such as high blood pressure and blood clots complicate surgery, individuals with these issues should avoid neck lifts.  Bangkok physicians will discuss these concerns during the initial consultation.  

To have a neck lift, the candidate must have reached the age of majority which is 18 in most areas.  The age range for patients who have received neck lifts is huge with patients ranging in ages typically between 30 and 70 years. 

The Procedure

When performing a cervicoplasty or neck lift, Bangkok physicians may have an anesthetist give the patient a general anesthesia; or, the physician may administer a local anesthesia in combination with a sedative to relax the patient.  The physician will discuss and advise the patient regarding the local or general anesthesia.

Two incisions are placed either behind the ear or under the ear and a third incision is placed discreetly under the chin.  Through these incisions, the tissue and muscles are tightened and any excess fat is removed.  The physician may use liposuction to remove the fat or he may cut the excess fat out.  Next the excess skin is removed and the skin is replaced over the muscle and tissue.  Finally, the physician sutures the incision.  A drain may be inserted to collect built up fluids.  The drain helps to minimize swelling and discomforts.

Recovery Period

Although recovery is relatively fast after a neck lift, Bangkok physicians may ask the patient to avoid unnecessary movement and remain in bed for a several days after the surgery.  Additionally, the patient may be given a compression bandage which he or she will wear for about seven days.

Patients typically recover quickly after a neck lift procedure and can often return to normal activities after a few weeks.  Any swelling and bruising will be quickly resolved and patients may be able to see the final results of the surgery in as little as six months after the procedure.


Infections and bleeding are potential risks of all surgeries therefore these risks apply to neck surgeries as well.  Additionally, some patients may experience a poor reaction to the anesthesia.  It is important that the individual selects a skilled physician because in an unskilled physician’s care, excessive scarring may occur after a neck lift.  Bangkok physicians are highly skilled and work diligently to minimize the risks associated to surgeries.