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Through the use of Chin Implants, Bangkok Physicians Restore Facial Balance

A receding chin or a chin that is too narrow for the face can cause the face to seem unbalanced.  It is amazing that the chin throws off not just the chin area but it can also make the nose look bigger than it actually is and even make the neck appear larger.  Individuals with this issue may choose to augment their face by inserting chin implants.  Bangkok physicians are highly skilled in cosmetic surgery procedures and can help the individual adjust their chin to give a more balanced appearance.

Ideal Candidate

The health of the individual considering chin implant surgery is extremely important.  Because infections are possible in all surgeries including mentoplasty, it is very important that the candidate for chin implant surgery is in outstanding health--particularly in the mouth and surrounding areas.  The individual’s teeth and jaw must also operate well so that there are no issues that will complicated the chin augmentation.  The individual may need to fight or ward off infections after the surgery and a healthy immune system will ensure that the individual is successful in doing so. 

Additionally, individuals who have successfully received soft tissue fillers are also excellent candidates for chin augmentation.  These individuals are satisfied with their new well formed chin and are now ready for a permanent solution using chin implants.  Bangkok physicians can provide that permanent solution with a augmentation.

The Procedure

Chin implants surgery can be performed in coordination with other facial surgeries or the can be performed alone.  When chin augmentation is performed alone, 40 to 45 minutes is all that is necessary to successfully insert the chin implant.  Bangkok physicians perform the procedure at the physician’s office and sometimes at an outpatient facility.  The patient can return home in under an hour.

Chin implant surgery, also known as Mentoplasty, involves choosing an implant—usually silicone that is the perfect size and shape to fit the individual’s face.  A small incision is placed under the chin and the implant is inserted.  Depending on the doctor’s preference, the implant is placed either in a tiny tight fitting pocket or is sutured to the tissue or clamped to the chin bone.

Recovery Period

The recovery period is of course dependent on the individual and on the type surgery performed.  A very involved surgery will require a longer recovery period.  The patient can expect some mild soreness and or tightness in the area; but, in the unlikely event the patient experiences severe pain, the physician will advise medications the patient can pick up at the pharmacy or the physician may prescribe pain meds. 

If pain medication is prescribed for the patient, it is likely that the patient will need to take the medications for only a few days.  Additionally, the physician may prescribe antibiotic medication to ensure that the patient’s healing is not complicated by an infection. 

After chin implants, Bangkok physicians remove bandages within two days. The patient should expect to participate in only light activities immediately after the surgery but can return to normal activities within seven days. Swelling will resolve itself within fourteen days.  Some patients may note a small scar while for others; all traces of the surgery may be indiscernible.  Scarring is dependent on the individual’s healing process.


As previously noted, all surgeries present an opportunity for risk and it is no different for chin implants.  Bangkok physicians work with the patient to minimize or eliminate risks. The patient may experience some minor soreness and chin may be swollen.  A temporary and sometimes permanent change in sensation may occur in the augmented areas. 

Additionally, the implant may shift; and, because of the possibility of shifting, the patient may be asked to avoid touching the area.  The patient may also be asked to limit athletic activities until the augmented area is thoroughly healed.   Infections are rare but should an infection develop, the chin implant would be removed and replaced when the infection is healed.