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Cheek implant, cheek augmentation or Malar Augmentation, lifts the cheek and thus makes the cheek bones seem perfectly formed. Imperfections caused by accidents or by birth are corrected through cheek augmentation using cheek implants. 

Attractiveness is derived from well formed cheeks.  Cheeks that are shaped well give the appearance of youth and good looks.  While there are people who were born with great cheek formation, there are many who were not quite so lucky.  Those who were not lucky enough to have great cheek structure can achieve the attractive features desired with the use of cheek implants.  Bangkok physicians are highly trained in Malar Augmentation procedures and can help the individual achieve the results he or she is expecting.

To lift the cheeks and insert cheek implants, Bangkok physicians sometimes use fat and other fillers but solid silicone is most often used. Solid silicone is used more often than other fillers because it is non-reactive and can be removed at a later date if the patient wishes removal.  When selecting a cheek implant, Bangkok physicians are careful to select the correct size and shape for the individual’s face.

Depending on the look the individual is trying to accomplish, the cheek implant may be inserted laterally or frontally.  Additionally the Malar augmentation method is also dependent on the desired result.  Cheek implant surgery procedures include bone grafting, autologous tissue grafting, autologous fat grafting, cadaveric bone grafting and tissue grafting. 

Just as there are several procedures used in when inserting cheek implants, Bangkok physicians used several materials with solid silicone being the material of choice.  Other materials are porous and tissue can merge with porous materials making later removal difficult if not impossible.  The materials used in cheek implants include solid silicone, polyethylene, expanded polytetrafluoroethylene and acellular dermal matrix—acellular dermal matrix is made from human tissue.

To hide the possibility of scars in cheek implants, Bangkok doctors place the necessary incision inside the patient’s mouth.  The implant is then inserted either atop the cheekbone or is attached to it with screws and stitches.  The procedure is very quick and patients often return home within sixty minutes. 

Malar augmentation presents the lowest risks when compared to all other types of cosmetic surgery.  There is always the possibility of scarring, loss of feeling in the augmented areas, bruising, scarring or infections after any surgery.  The major concern for cheek augmentation is chiefly patient approval and the possibility that a second procedure may be required. 

While infections from Malar augmentation are atypical the patient is cautioned to contact his or her physician should an infection present itself.  The patient will be given antibiotics which will usually clear up the infection.  If for some reason the infection is not cleared up, the implant will be removed and further treatment of the infection will ensue.  When the infection is finally cleared up, the Malar augmentation can be completed again.

A very small shift can cause a cheek augmentation to look distorted; therefore, should any shifting occur the patient should contact the physician.  The physician will complete a second cheek augmentation procedure.  The second procedure is usually the final and it is rare that shifting occurs after this procedure.