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Tighten that cheek with a Buttock Lift; Bangkok is just the place for a new you!

An individual chooses to receive a buttock lift to improve their posterior.  As with all cosmetic surgery, a person’s self esteem and self confidence can be greatly improved after receiving a buttock lift.  Bangkok physicians recognize that the decision to have a buttock lift is extremely personal and will work closely with the individual to make sure that the individual is comfortable with their decision. 

Initial Consultation

The candidate should attend the initial consultation armed with pictures of the desired outcome for a buttock lift.  Bangkok physicians will review the pictures and will discuss the options available.  Any concerns the individual has will be addressed at this meeting including how and where the surgery will be performed.  The surgeon will also ensure that the patient has realistic expectations and will determine if the patient is emotionally secure.

Ideal Candidate

As with any surgery, the ideal candidate for a buttock lift is healthy.  Good health wards off complications!  The candidate should also be in good physical shape. Typical candidates have sagging posteriors that are unresponsive to exercise and diet.  The individual who experiences frequent weight gains and losses should avoid a buttock lift until he or she experiences stabilized weight for at least six months.  Individuals who scar easily should also avoid buttock lifts as scarring will be greatly visible.

The Procedure

A buttock lift should not be confused with a buttock implant surgery, Gluteal augmentation or body contouring.  To perform a buttock lift, Bangkok physicians will raise and tighten the skin over the buttock. A buttocks lift does not increase the size of the butt but it will make the buttocks look more tone and appear sleeker.

There are two methods used in buttock lifts.  Bangkok surgeons will either remove excess skin and tighten the upper part of the buttock and hence lift the buttocks; or, the surgeon will use fat injections to lift the buttocks.

The procedure use will depend on the desired outcome of the buttocks lift.  Bangkok physicians are trained in all procedures and will help the patient select the option that is best for the individual. 

The procedure can take as long as six hours and is done with the patient under a general anesthesia.  After the buttocks lift, Bangkok physicians will place an elastic girdle—a compression garment, over the buttocks to help retard swelling and help the skin to tighten naturally.

Recovery Period

The recovery period is dependent on the patient’s healing process and also dependent on how extensive the procedure was.  Bruising and swelling usually resolves in about thirty days and if there are no complications, complete healing usually occurs within six months.

After a buttock lift, Bangkok physicians will advise the patient to avoid, strenuous physical activities including jogging and cardiovascular exercises.  The patient will also be given extremely detailed instructions for taking care of personal hygiene needs in order to avoid spreading bacteria to the incised areas.


Like all other surgeries, buttock lifts presents potential risks.  The general risks include, bleeding, swelling, bruising, and infections.  Risks can be minimized by carefully following the surgeon’s instructions.