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Sensual DerriEres use Buttocks Implants. Bangkok Physicians can help.

Often surgical enhancements lift the individual’s self esteem and encourage the individual to have confidence in his or herself.  Like other augmentations, buttocks implants not only lift the individual’s derriere, it also lifts the person’s spirit, making the individual feel good about him or herself.  Through the use of buttocks implants, Bangkok physicians increase the size and change the shape of the person’s buttocks giving the person a more sensual derriere and hence the person gains more confidence in their personal beauty.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation gives the individual and the doctor an opportunity to discuss the intended procedure and the expected results.  The individual should attend the consultation armed with pictures of posteriors that he or she would like to emulate.  All questions and concerns that the patient has should be discussed at this time.  In the bottom line, the patient must communicate the shape and size buttocks he or she desires.

Before selecting buttocks implants, Bangkok physicians will listen carefully to the individual’s wishes and will review any pictures the individual may have provided.  The physician will then discuss the options available to the patient.  Additionally the physician will discuss the most optimal placement for the buttocks implant and he or she will discuss the type of incision that will be made and the type of implant that will be used.  The physician will also advise the individual on whether it is an opportune time for a butt lift. 

The Procedure

A pocket large enough to hold the buttocks implant is made by placing an n incision down the crease of the buttock or where the back of the thigh meets the cheek.  Liposuction is performed, if necessary, to improve the new buttocks shape.  After inserting the buttocks implant, Bangkok physicians will move to the next cheek and perform the exact steps to ensure symmetry.  Once the physician is certain that he has achieved symmetry, he sutures the incisions.

Pain Management

The physician may provide an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory meds to ward off infections and to help with possible discomforts.  While some physicians may prefer to use a combination of a local anesthesia and sedative when performing buttocks implants, Bangkok physicians usually have an anesthetist deliver a general anesthesia. 

Buttocks augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis and patients usually go home within hours of the surgery. Tissues are sketched during a buttock implant procedure where the implant is positioned under the muscle therefore the patient may experience some discomforts.  Additionally, the area may feel tired, sore and stiff.  The patient is advised to closely follow the doctor’s post-op directives. 

Recovery Period

To help the patient recover efficiently from procedures involving buttocks implants, Bangkok physicians will provide the patient with a post surgery regiment. The importance of carefully following the physicians post operative directions can not be understated. 

How a patient recovers after a buttocks augmentation is dependent on the patient’s healing process and on the patient following the doctor’s instructions.  Stitches will usually be removed within ten days.  Swelling may continue after the stitches are removed and soreness will probably lessen within sixty days.  The patient is usually able to return to normal physical activities after the soreness is gone-usually sixty days.