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BReast Reduction Bangkok

While Relief is obtained with Breast Reduction, Bangkok offers relaxation.

Just as there are women who find the need to enhance their breast through breast implants, there are women who must resize their breast through breast reduction.  Bangkok physicians are available to help a woman achieve comfort and self confidence through the use of breast augmentation.  Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty surgically reduces the size of a woman’s breast. 

Women may choose to reduce their breasts for cosmetic purposes or because their breasts are very large causing them extreme pain and discomfort.  Because of the size of their breasts, some women experience severe backaches, shoulder and neck pains and headaches bra burns.  Another consequence of overly large breasts is poor posture which may initiate nerve issues leading to numbness or tingling in the hands and arms. 

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for reduction mammoplasty is a male or female individual who has obtained a mature age and has fully developed breasts.  For these individuals, the number one reason they choose to undergo breast reduction is that their breasts are too large and is in someway preventing participation in normal daily activities.  For some individuals, the overly large breasts cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. 

Furthermore, some individuals have a low self esteem because of the size of their breasts. Women who intend to eventually breast feed are cautioned against breast reduction because the milk ducts are removed during breast reduction.  Bangkok physicians will guide the candidate and make sure the right decision is made for each individual

The Procedure

When performing breast reductions, Bangkok physicians may choose to have an anesthetist administer a general anesthesia.  When a general anesthesia is administered the patient sleeps throughout the entire process and feels absolutely no pain. Conversely, the physician may choose to administer a local anesthesia instead.  If a local anesthesia is administered, the patient will also be given a sedative to help the patient relax.

To perform breast reductions, Bangkok physicians employ one of three procedures used today.  These procedures are the anchor method which is the traditional technique, the LeJour Technique which tends to produce less scarring than the anchor method and seems to last longer, and the scar less breast reduction surgery which removes breast tissue by using liposuction.  The technique used will depend on the individual and which technique will best fit the individual’s case.

Breast reduction surgery can be lengthy lasting up to three hours or more.  If the surgery is combined with other procedures such as a breast lift, it can be even longer.  The procedure in general removes excess tissue and skin, and repositions the areolas and nipples.

Recovery Period

Reduction mammoplasty is a lengthy and major surgery, therefore; the patient can expect recovery to be lengthy as well.  The patient should expect contusions and swelling both of which should be gone within a few weeks.  For the first few days after the breast reduction, Bangkok physicians will have the patient wear a surgical bra which is placed over the bandages.  Sutures will be removed in approximately two weeks but the patient will be required to continue wearing the surgical bra.

The patient can usually return to work within two weeks after surgery but lifting heavy objects or participating in any laborious activities must be avoided.  Sexual activity must also be avoided during this time so as to avoid inflammation around the sutures. 

Patients are encouraged to treat their breasts gently for up to six weeks after the surgery.  Swelling, numbness, and tenderness may continue for some time and complete recovery may take as much as one year.


The risks for breast reduction surgery include:

  • Surgery in general – infections, bleeding
  • Anesthesia – medical reactions, heart and breathing problems, pneumonia
  • Nipple – lost of feeling in the area, uneven positioning
  • Scars -  scars are permanent (physician will place incisions in a discreet area)