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Breast lift In Bangkok

After pregnancy and especially if she breast fed, a woman’s breast will tend to sag or loose their youthful firmness.  If she ages or if her weight fluctuates a woman’s breast will droop.  For a woman, her firm breast can be a sign of youthfulness and health but should her breast sag, she may seem older and she may present a less than perfect profile.  Women with these issues may choose to have a breast lift.  Bangkok offers just the place to relax and recreate one’s youthful profile.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal woman for a breast lift has breasts that are not very firm or breast that hangs down with their nipples pointing downward.  For these women, their breasts are the right size but lack the youthful firmness they once had.  For some women one breast is firm and where it should be while the other is soft and sagging downward. 

While a woman of any age can have a breast lift, Bangkok physician prefer women to have reached a full developmental stage.  Some women choose to have breast lifts before having children and since the milk ducts are not impacted, this choice does not present an issue for later breast feeding. 

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation for a breast lift, Bangkok physicians meet with the prospective candidate to determine her desires and expectation.  The doctor will decide if the woman’s goals are realistic and can be successfully achieved.  Pictures will be taken of the woman’s breast and expected outcomes will be discussed.

The physician will also discuss the patient’s medical history in a attempt to discern any possible complications.  The woman should discuss recent significant weight loss with the physician who may require that she wait until she is certain that her weight is stabilized before she continues with the actual breast lift procedure.

The Procedure

When performing breast lifts, Bangkok physicians employ an individualized procedure.  Each procedure is dependent on the patient’s expectations, the shape and size of the breast, how much the breast is sagging, the size and placement of the areolas, the quality and elasticity of the skin, how much extra skin is present and the most realistic results that can be achieved. 

The physician will determine whether a local anesthesia or a sedative will be administered.  One of three incision types is typically made:  Around the areolas; or, around the areolas and down to the crease; or, around the areolas, down to the crease vertically and horizontally across the crease. The physician then lifts and reshapes the breast, repositions the areolas and nipples and removes any excess skin.

The physician will layer stitches deep within the breast tissue in order to give added support to the breast.  Stitches, adhesive and tape is used to close the incisions.

Recovery Period

The patient may experience a temporary lost of feeling in the nipple and areolas.  This usually resolves within a few weeks.  Severe pain is uncommon and the patient should immediately report any occurrence of such pain to her doctor.  Typically women are able to return to work within a week and can often perform average physical activity within a couple of weeks.