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Breast implants In Bangkok

Are you considering breast implants? Bangkok physicians can provide the improvements you need!

Whatever the reason an individual chooses to undergo breast augmentation, it is clear that breast implant surgery improves self esteem. Breast augmentation is more commonly known as breast implants.  Bangkok offers individuals the unique opportunity to surgically correct cosmetic issues of the breast while enjoying the hospitality of a wonderful city. 

While self esteem is an excellent bonus, individual choose to have their breasts augmented for many reasons.  Some women have underdeveloped breast and other women have breast that may not match in size and or shape.  For some women, their breasts are too heavy causing back and shoulder aches.  Other women may have experienced a traumatic event such as an automobile accident.  

Whatever the reason, the decision to augment the breast by inserting breast implants is not arrived at without considerable thought.  Once the decision is made to proceed with breast augmentation, the individual must decide between the types of implant, the new shape the breast should take, and the physician will recommend the placement of the breast implant.  Bangkok cosmetic surgery physicians can deliver several options in breast augmentations.

Smooth Breast Implant

Available in only round styles, smooth breast implants have a realistic feel and are smooth to the touch.  Patients and physicians prefer smooth breast implants because of their genuine feel.  These implants have a thin shell and tend to move easily in their compartments.  A drawback to smooth breast implants however, is that this type of implant are sometimes prone to capsular contracture which is a hardening of the breast.  To keep the implants from moving, shaped implants must be textured; therefore, smooth breast implants are available in round styles only.

Textured Breast Implant

To prevent capsular contracture occurrences, textured Breast Implants were created.  The outer surface of textured breast implants keep the implant from moving by encouraging tissue cohesion between the surrounding tissue and the implant.  While textured implants are said to decrease the risk of displacement, they are have been known to visually ripple and are associated with a higher rate of leaking. 

Round Breast Implants

Women may select between round and contoured breast implants.  The individual’s decision will be based on the woman’s body type and the look she is trying to achieve with her breast implants. Bangkok physicians will guide the woman in her decision based on the amount of breast tissue she has before undergoing surgery, the type of incision that will be made and the placement of the implant.

Contoured Breast Implant

Because contoured breast implants are shaped like tear drops they are often called tear drop breast implants. Since textured implants are less likely to rotate, a textured surface is used in contoured breast implants.  Women, who hope to achieve a more natural look, often choose tear drop breast implants.  Typically, contoured breast implants are more expensive than round breast implants.

Placement of Implants

When inserting breast implants, Bangkok physicians can place the implant over the muscle, partially sub muscular or completely sub muscular. 

  • Over the Muscle:  The implant is placed behind the breast tissue and in front of the muscle. 
  • Partially Sub Muscular:  The implant is placed under the top two-thirds of the chest muscle.
  • Complete Sub Muscular:  The implant is placed completely behind the pectoral or chest muscle.