Enhance your Beauty with Plastic Surgery. Bangkok offers the atmosphere for self rejuvenation.

Plastic Surgery in Bangkok

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We offer a wide variety of cosmetic surgery services to help you achieve your augmentation needs.  Our group of highly skilled and professional physicians uses the latest techniques to deliver the exceptional results you desire.  The services we offer include the following

Face Lifts - face lift, also known as Rhytidectomy, tightens sagging skin in the face and neck, smoothes creases at the mouth, levels creases along the nose and below the lower eyelids and can even eliminate the appearance of double chin.

Breast Implants & Breast Lifts - Breast augmentation is more commonly known as breast implants.  Bangkok offers individuals the unique opportunity to surgically correct cosmetic issues of the breast while enjoying the hospitality of a wonderful city. Breast implants can correct underdeveloped breast, provide breast symmetry, and correct issues caused by traumatic events such as an automobile accident.  

Cheek Implant - Cheek implant, cheek augmentation or Malar Augmentation, lifts the cheek and thus makes the cheek bones seem perfectly formed. Imperfections caused by accidents or by birth are corrected through cheek augmentation using cheek implants. 

Chin Implants - Chin implant surgery, also known as Mentoplasty, involves choosing an implant that is the perfect size and shape to fit the individual’s face.  A small incision is placed under the chin and the implant is inserted.  Depending on the doctor’s preference, the implant is placed either in a tiny tight fitting pocket or is sutured to the tissue or clamped to the chin bone.

Forehead Lifts - Forehead lifts rejuvenates the individual’s face making him or her look more youthful.  Naturally, a more youthful look adds to self esteem and bolsters an already positive self image.

Neck Lift - The loose skin and sometimes excess fat around the neck is a telltale sign of aging.  To resolve this issue, some patients opt for a neck lift.

Hair Transplants - Grafts of healthy hair are transplanted from the healthy area of the head and moved to the balding area.  This transplanting process is done in intervals and the patient must heal in between each interval.

Nose Surgery The single most sought after cosmetic surgery is Rhinoplasty or nose surgery.  Nose surgery reshapes the nose giving the individual a more balanced and attractive face.

Buttocks Lift - To perform a buttock lift, Bangkok physicians will raise and tighten the skin over the buttock. A buttocks lift does not increase the size of the butt but it will make the buttocks look more tone and appear sleeker.

Buttocks Implants - Buttocks implants not only lift the individual’s derriere, it also lifts the person’s spirit, making the individual feel good about him or herself.  Through the use of buttocks implants, Bangkok physicians increase the size and change the shape of the person’s buttocks giving the person a more sensual derriere and hence the person gains more confidence in their personal beauty.

Male to Female & Female to Male Surgery - The person suffering Gender Identity Disorder can have the issue corrected SRS surgery.  Bangkok offers a nonjudgmental place to discreetly complete this surgery.

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