Enhance your Beauty with Plastic Surgery. Bangkok offers the atmosphere for self rejuvenation.

PAI Clinic Bangkok

Famous Beauty Care Clinic!

PAI is one of the famous beauty care clinic in the Thailand reason. There is several advanced process that introduced by the clinic help the patients to draw best results from their problem. It is a suitable places for people that suffering from odd shape problem. In most of the cases people are receiving fatty food due to their faster lifestyle and busy profession. But these types of food are increasing the fats in the body and damage total shape. Now day’s excess fat body are stand as a major problem before the modern society. Due to this reason they are searching for best heath care clinic to solve their problem accepts of any cost. At the same case the PAI PAI Clinic is provide all such facility according to wish of people. The experts’ surgeons of the clinic are having much skilled hand in every type’s surgical process.  More specifically, clinic gives rhinoplasty, face lift, hair transplant surgery, liposuction, cheek implants, tummy tuck, facial feminization surgery, breast augmentation, and many more. Apart from abovementioned services, clinic as well gives the plastic reconstructive counselling as well as basic information as well as background dissemination on different cosmetic & plastic surgery treatments to interested costumers.

All the surgical treatments are all done in the private hospital with over 400 beds in the downtown Bangkok. Piyavej Hospital is ISO 9001:2000 as well as ISO 9002 certified. Interpreters for various international languages are accessible to help in the communication concerns and this service is free consulting the medical tourists. Clinic gives you the special packages for the overseas patients that includes all the hospital expenses like room rate, meals, medications, and so on. After hospital stay, the free transportation to & from clinic for every day exams is given. Clinic has served many patients from all over world that includes clients from United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan as well as  Philippines. Majority of the clientele is male 2 female transsexuals looking for the total transitional surgery, But he performs the aesthetic facial, mammaplastic as well as vaginoplastic surgeries for the women.

PAI Clinic is situated at Thonglor, Bangkok – a few 80 km (50miles) Also, it is located a few 200 metres from the sky train where the patients are generally accommodated, and is in simple walking distance for everyone. During patients' stay and it is expect them to treat Clinic as home. Despite the seemingly formal title, and it is much the informal place where to rest, the place where to socialize quietly with some other patients, as well as place where the patients find the constant support & attention.

Within Clinic that they have Clinic Main Reception, and consulting rooms for the discussions with Suporn, fully equipped theatre with the recovery rooms & large patient lounge where patients will relax.