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Patient is administered the general anesthesia by anesthetist. Next, small incision for pectoral implant is performed under armpit. The tube with camera is inserted (it is endoscopy). The endoscopic treatments help doctor to get precise & helps to reduce bleeding & size of incision.

After implant is inserted in pectoral muscle, endoscopy is removed & incision is stitched. Actual surgery lasts just about 1 to 2 hours and patient is generally return home after surgery. Patient might wear vest or elastic bandage for minimizing swelling and it is possible that patient can experience average amount of the pain and for reason; physician might prescribe pain meds. The swelling & soreness might happen however can diminish within week.

In order, to minimize bleeding patient must avoid aspirin and patient will expect to return to the normal activities in just about 14 days after procedure. It must get noted that the full recovery might take 6 weeks with patient returning to the full physical activity in one month. Patient must refrain from smoking might impede recovery.
Following are risks that are associated with the pectoral augmentation:
* Displacement of pectoral implant
* Bruising & bleeding
* Infection
* Blood might accumulate beneath skin
Whereas, pectoral implants might make chest look much larger & stronger, patient doesn’t gain any additional strength from procedure! Also when rare, in case the extensive bleeding or in case, the infection happens, patient must contact his doctor immediately.